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EECP Heart Therapy Centre in Mumbai – Cordis Heart Institute

At Cordis Heart Institute, our main motto is giving wellness to the patients. We have trio combination of contemporary instruments, state of art facilities and experienced team of doctors for EECP Treatment in Mumbai. Our Proven experience in EECP in India enhances heart pumping capacity and reduces chances of Angina.

Our encouraging stories of Heart Treatment in Mumbai have inspired the changes in lifestyle for many patients. EECP Treatment in Mira Road is viable for bringing your life back to normal. With the niche years of creditable experiences, our non-invasive treatments do reduce the procedure of painful treatments; we have solution and thus renowned experience in alternative to bypass surgery.Our non-invasive techniques and alternative therapies to treat heart blockages are adding on new lease to life.Our treatment of heart blockages without operation does enhance blood flow with oxygen thus boosting the chances of stronger heart. These treatments reduce the heart work load.

Why one should intake strong medicines or go through painful treatments? Without any harshness of chemicals, our alternative to angioplasty is renowned to give best results and within the time committed. Without any expensive alternatives or bigger hours of treatments, there are various natural ways to treat heart blockages.Not like patients, we treat every incoming visitor like a friend.  The treatments here are often suggested only after knowing the root cause of the problems. We are proud to state that we have machines that are successful in reducing painful episodes and diminish fears of surgery.

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Treatment under Interventional Cardiologist

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