DIagnostic (Only at Miraroad center)


It is basic simple test to know your heart rate; whether heart beats are regular/irregular. Any scars of previous heart attack can be identified on ECG or fresh heart attack or changes of less blood supply to heart during chest pain could be documented. But one important thing is that a normal cardiogram does not mean that you don’t have blockages.

Stress Test

Stress test is an exercise ECG where different leads are put on your chest and you are made to walk on a treadmill .The principle behind this is when you are walking your heart rate increases and the demand for the blood supply increases. You may feel chest discomfort or Doctor may find ECG abnormality when there is less blood supply because of the blockages.

2D Echo and colour dropper

In this scan we study working of a heart as a pump .We see all 4 chambers, valves of the heart and in colourDoppler we make a note of blood flow across various valves and chambers. Damage to heart muscles after heart attack reduces the pumping capacity .Normal pumping capacity of heart is 60%.This test finds out presence of any leakage and narrowing of valves apart from detecting any congenital abnormality like holes in the heart.

Stress Echo

This is to study complete function of heart at rest and at stress. It is mainly used in Ischemic Heart Disease, to diagnose if there is shortage of blood supply to the heart and picked up as regional wall motion abnormality on2D Echo.

Holter Monitoring

It is an ECG recording which is done over the period of 24 hrs through a small equipment attached to the patient’s chest region. This helps us in diagnosing rhythm disorders of the heart and specially useful in cases to detect less blood supply to heart who cannot perform stress test. Ambulatory BP Monitoring: It is the recording and monitoring of 24 hr Blood pressure. It helps the patient and the physician in correct diagnosis, effect of drug, correlation between the activity pattern and blood pressure variation etc


Ultrasonography helps us detect abnormalities in abdomen, gynecological and obstetric disorders. Color Doppler helps to detect blood flow in extremities neck vessels and blood flow in kidneys.


Through our hi-tech pathology lab we do various tests to evaluate risk factors for heart disease. We check your Lipid profile, Apo lipoprotein, Lipoprotein, Homocysteine levels, C reactive proteins. They help us in identifying whether you have risk for developing blockages.