Is Diabetes curable/reversible?

Yes owing to the Diabetes Reversal Program at Cordis Heart Institute Diabetes has become curable and reversible but at an early stage, so if you happen to land up at the right place and again at the right time, we can cure your diabetes. Even if you are on insulin or heavy medications, we at Cordis Heart Institute reduce your drug dependencies and its allied long term complications are prevented with our reversal programs.

Aims of the Program:

  • Control sugar levels quickly as possible.
  • Prevent complications that result from diabetes.
  • Correct conditions associated with diabetes like blockages in the blood vessels, poor blood circulation and diabetic ulcers.
  • Reduce the need for high doses of insulin and diabetes medication.
  • Prevent people who are pre-diabetic from developing diabetes, naturally and without medication.
  • Help diabetes patients to adopt a better lifestyle and improve the quality of their lives.

Is Diabetes Curable/reversible by Dr.Abhijit Aklujkar Cordis Heart Institute

It has been observed that Diabetes is affecting many parts of India especially the youth. It has been diagnosed as a lifestyle disease. Increased stress levels lead to insulin resistance. Insulin Resistance is the major cause of Diabetes. Taking medication for diabetes for lifelong span is a very difficult scenario. Further all allopathic medications have their in-built side-effects which are very hazardous for the body and that too for a lifelong affair.


Diabetes is definitely reversible. A study in US observed that when a group of young lads were made to reduce their sleep duration at night, their sugar levels increased tremendously. Hence in order to reverse your diabetes, increase your sleep duration by sleeping early and having an adequate amount of sleep for a healthy and better lifestyle.

Diabetes and Metallic Disorders are prudently treated at Cordis Heart Institute. India is rich in herbal medicines. At Cordis Heart Institute, Indian herbal medications are used to reverse diabetes. Again herbal medicines are adopted as a treating mechanism for changing sugar levels and curing diabetes.

Diabetes type 2 not only leads to high blood sugar but also high blood pressure, high serum lipids thereby causing heart attacks, heart failure, peripheral artery disease causing claudication, ulceration, amputation, also stroke, kidney failure, blindness further damaging one’s nervous system and related problems with sensing and sometimes having less muscle power because of this nerve damage. Moreover, issues with digestive tract, gastric emptying problems, damaged nervous system of the digestive tract, impotence all are associated with diabetes.