The natural ways to treat heart blockages entirely depends on the stage of the disease, or extent of the blockages. To begin with, you should get properly diagnosed and know the extent of disease.

Complete cure of heart blockages only by using home remedies is not scientifically proven for guaranteed results. Besides, the efficiency of home remedies will depend on your body type or Prakrati. If you chose correctly, you can receive immense benefit from even home remedies.

Finally, there are natural ways to treat heart blockages without surgery, provided your heart condition and other physiological factors support the holistic treatment and the time it needs to show results.

Now a day’s technology is much forward. You can have treatment to cure heart blockage without bypass surgery. First of all, heart blockages that are pathologic are arterial, not venous.

What a heart patient needs is a blood purifying and blood thinning agent. This natural tonic will detoxify your body, open your nerves and supplement it with essential nutrients for you to regain your heart health. Please note that an angioplasty is never totally successful. It can only provide temporary relief. The blockage in a vein can be operated but since the blood of the patient is still thick, blockages start happening all over again, and then go your body for another level of angioplasty. These ingredients – garlic juice, ginger juice, honey, lemon juice, and acv are a 400 year old formula that thins the blood, detoxifies the body and supplement it with essential nutrients to get over any heart disease.

Healthy life style can delay development of blocks, but ultimately, if its in yr genes, u will definitely get it.

Diet, exercises and healthy habits helps one to live life with blocks, but of course, with some limitations. If one wishes to go full on; he needs bypass or angioplasty to remove blocks

Subsequently, a long term preventive approach is to alter the lipid profile as this is one of the major factors influencing blockage (assuming there is no hypertension and smoking history). Natural remedies to do this is exercise (preferably walking in the morning), consumption of healthy fats like cow ghee and taking soya lecithin supplements for 2-3 years.