Walking offers benefits with every step and it is one of the best exercise for good health of your heart, You need to walk atleast 30 minutes per day, It’s always possible to find sometime for your cardiovascular fitness in the form of walking.

1) You can go for early morning walk daily ,biggest advantage of the morning walk is you will get fresh air which will help to keep you energetic n fresh throughout the day.
2) Avoid Vehicle for walkable distance.
3) Take the stairs instead of the elevator.
4) Wear a pedometer to keep track of your physical activity.
5) Set a timer to get up & move after certain interval , specially those who do sedentary work .
6)walking can be combine with certain exercises like push,pull,lift,squat etc.
7)As you walk take larger steps than normal.
With little practice and patience you can start your way up to more expercise and the 30 minutes walk everyday will make a good starting point.If you want to improve the the heart health,don’t let the excuses stop you.
Walking is one of the most powerful ways to stay strong, maintain a healthy weight and live longer, health benifits of walking are endless and walking can improve your mental and physical Health.
Benifits of Regular walking –
1) Regular walking helps in maintaining healthy weight and lose body fat.
2) It helps to keep your cholesterol level ,Blood sugar level under control in Diabetic patients.
3) It also helps to control the blood pressure in Hypertensive patients.
4)walking improves cardiovascular fitness-walking ,especially speed walking is a great way to strengthen your heart and boosts blood circulation to all the organs in the body.
5)It improves respiratory function and lung capacity
6)It also strengthen your bones , muscles and immune system of the body.
7)Walking helps a lot in digesting the food properly
8)It’s helps in releasing away all the stress and tension at both mental and physical level.
Following the proper posture while walking is very important

-You should keep your head up ,look straight forward and not at the ground.

-Your shoulder, neck and back should be in relaxed position .
-You are swinging your arms freely with slight bend in your elbow.
How to start a walk
A good and correct way of walk should always start with
Warm Up – that means initially atleast for 10 minutes you should walk slowly and steadily.
Brisk walk – after warm up increase your speed Slowly without getting any stress on body.
Cool down – At the end of walk, again walk slow for 5-10 minutes, this will help in relaxing the muscles. Once you stop walking gently streach your muscles.
Walking is an important part of Cardiac rehabilitation Programs and for people diagnosed with heart disease or recovering from heart attack, but a cardiac patient should always speak to his doctor before starting any exercise or walk.

By-Dr Aarti

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