Heart Attack is the leading cause of death worldwide. In India people about 25-30% dies due to heart attack. Heart is supplied by three major blood vessels, RCA, LAD & LCX. When one of the blood vessels get 100% blocked due to thrombus the area supplied by the vessel starts to die. During this the patient experiences severe chest pain, breathlessness and heaviness in chest.

Heart attack happens when the lining of the plaque in the blood vessel rupture and causes thrombus formation. The percentage of heart blockage doesn’t determine when the plaque will rupture. A blood vessel having 60% blockage can also rupture and cause heart attack.

Patient having heart blockage has symptoms of chest pain and heaviness and subsides when he takes rest or takes Tab sorbitrate. When heart attack takes place chest pain is usually at rest and doesn’t get relieved by taking tab sorbitrate. Another presentation of heart attack could be burning in epigastric falsely diagnosed as gastric problem. If you have any one of the following symptoms, one should get an ECG and Trop T done to ascertain whether the chest pain is of heart attack or no.

Prevention of Heart Attack:

Once the blockage has been detected, treatment should be done for the heart blockage. If the person doesn’t know whether he has blockage or no ascertain whether his risk factors for heart disease like high cholesterol level, smoking, diabetes, obesity or family history of heart disease. He should undergo a CT coronary angiography and ascertain how much blockage he has in the heart. Patient should modify the risk factor like quit smoking, reducing weight keeping blood pressure cholesterol levels diabetes in check.  For treatment of heart blockages we at CORDIS HEART INSTITUTE provide EECP treatment which is a non-invasive treatment which helps in increasing the blood supply to the deficient areas of the heart through collateral circulation.

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