alternative to bypass surgery

Patients who suffer from chest pain at rest or exertion or breathlessness on walking are the ones who could be suffering from heart blockages. They should undergo further test such as stress test or 3d vasculography to evaluate if there is decrease in blood supply to the heart.

If the stress test comes positive it’s highly suggestive that heart is receiving less blood supply and should go for further evaluation procedures like angiography.


What is angiography procedure?

Angiography is a diagnostic procedure that is done to evaluate the percentage of blockages in the heart. It requires one day admission to the hospital. When blockages are detected in any patient further treatment advised are angioplasty, bypass surgery or eecp.


What is angioplasty?

Angioplasty is an intervention procedure in which a stent is inserted in the blocked artery. The stent  help in widening the artery which facilitates to improve the blood supply to the heart. The disadvantage of angioplasty is that there is 15% chance of restenosis in the same artery.


What is a bypass procedure?

Bypass surgery is an open heart surgery procedure in which a blood vessel is taken from some part of your body and is used to divert blood flow around the blocked artery. But bypass surgery has its complications and risks. The major complication that can arise from bypass surgery is bleeding, arrhythmia, blood clot, chest pain, heart attack or stroke. Moreover in bypass surgery the recovery period is longer for the patient.


What is EECP?

EECP is a natural bypass therapy which is the safest and best alternative for patient suffering from heart blockages. It is the best alternative to bypass surgery and angioplasty as it has no side effects and provides a natural method to increase the blood supply to the heart.