EECP treatment is an US FDA permitted non-invasive heart handling which upsurges the blood run to the heart and unlocks novel blood vessels, named collaterals. Performing as an alternative to angioplasty, EECP treatment is overseen by the Cardiologist. It is helpful for patients suffering from heart disease, high blood force, diabetes, kidney syndrome, great cholesterol, obesity, ischemic stroke plus many former medical circumstances.

Benefits of EECP Treatment:

Generates new blood vessels:

Alternate trails otherwise (collaterals), which expose new stations for blood run around the congested veins in the heart, are molded by EECP handling. Therefore, it makes normaldetours in the heart.

Leads to a robust Heart: It upsurges blood run to the heart, which augments the blood along with oxygen, fortifies the heart powers and decreases the rigidity of arteries.

Decreases angina: It decreases or removes chest discomfort (angina) and recovers cardio-vascular suitability.

Improves excellence of life: It increases stamina, attentiveness and liveliness levels, and decreases the heart effort load.

Improves blood circulation: It expands blood flow in the heart and to the physique, counting many organs of the body.

Recovers organ function: It upsurges the movement of oxygen and nutrients, growths the heart production and the working of all the body tissues.

Perfect Candidates for EECP Treatment:

  • Those who are suffering from heart blockage or else heart disease.
  • Patients who got chest discomfort or angina (although suffered from surgery) and need a likely discount in their medicines.
  • Patients who have been counseled or have experienced bypass surgery otherwise angioplasty.
  • Patients who need a substitute or are not appropriate for bypass surgery plus angioplasty.
  • People who have suffered from heart attack or have proficient indications of a heart attack.
  • Those distresses from regime diseases alike from high blood force, diabetes, high cholesterol or else obesity.
  • People who are not partaking a vigorous diet and desire to evade having heart glitches in the prospect.

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