Heart Blockage Treatment without Surgery

Heart Blockage Treatment without Surgery

Heart blockage is known as coronary artery disease in medical terms. It is mostly caused by deposition of plaque inside the walls of blood vessels that supply blood to the heart. This kind of disease takes place gradually over many years. Hence the symptoms do not come in the notice unless there is a significant blockage in the heart. The prime culprit to this is the sedentary lifestyle.

Signs and symptoms

  • Shortness of breath – When the blood is not able to pump enough blood to the heart, it leads to tiredness and shortness of breath.
  • Chest pain – This is a common symptom manifested as tightness or pressure in the chest. It may be triggered by any mental or physical stress. The pain may also radiate to the neck, back or arm.
  • Heart attack – This happens at the terminal stages when there is a complete blockage of the coronary artery. There is an extreme pressure in the chest radiating to the shoulder and the arm.
  • Abnormal perspiration

Conditions that may occur as a result of heart blockage:

  • STEMI (ST-segment elevation myocardial infarction) – This happens whenever there is a sudden blockage in the blood vessels, leading to a heart attack. A major area of heart muscles may be affected, which is seen through the changes in the ECG and in the chemical markers.
  • N STEMI (non ST-segment elevation myocardial infarction) – This is not noticed on the ECG or electrocardiogram. However, the chemical markers in the blood may warn you about the damage caused to the heart muscle. The blockage may be complete or partial.
  • Unstable angina –Angina can be a frequent sign. It can be relieved by taking oral medications instantly. However, unstable angina can lead to a heart attack.

How is it treated?

Primarily, the following treatments are most commonly used for coronary artery disease.

However, there is also heart blockage treatment without surgery which is discussed below.

What is the best treatment for heart blockage?

Some of the most commonly done treatments for heart blockage are surgical. However, there are some conditions which can also be treated non-surgically if the blockage is not too severe. Let’s go through some of the most effective ways to deal with the heart blockage:

Coronary Artery Bypass Surgery 

This is a surgery that involves creating a bypassed way around the blocked artery to facilitate the blood flow to the heart. The graft is taken from a blood vessel in another part of the body. The surgery is performed under general anaesthesia. The techniques used to perform the surgery can be either open-heart surgery, minimally invasive surgery, and off-pump surgery. The open-heart surgery is the traditional form of surgery which is performed in cases where a wide incision needs to be made to gain access to the blocked artery.

However, with the minimally invasive technique, the surgery can be performed with a smaller incision where there is easy access.

Off-pump surgery is quite similar to the open-heart surgery in which the chest bone is opened. But, the heart does not stop functioning during the surgery. Unlike the traditional technique, the heart-lung bypass machine is not used. This is also known as beating


Heart blockage removal without surgery

Many cases of heart blockage can be treated even without surgery. Some of the non-surgical treatments are given below:

Chelation Therapy

This is a new technique that uses chemical processes for the removal of toxic metals and minerals from the body. A substance called EDTA (ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid) is used for the detoxification of the body. The EDTA solution is injected into the patient’s body and it binds with the calcium plaques that cause blockage of the coronary arteries, hence improving the blood flow.

Additional benefits of chelation therapy:

  • It is used in treating metal poisoning, including mercury, iron, arsenic, lead, uranium etc.
  • It may also be used to treat diseases like sickle-cell disease and thalassemia.
  • Moreover, it is used as an antioxidant by reducing the production of free radicals and lower down their negative effect.
  • Chelation therapy is also reported to be used for Alzheimer’s disease.

Lifestyle and dietary changes

A few basic changes in your lifestyle can help you in preventing a heart attack which might happen as a result of heart blockage. Some of these steps:

  • Regular exercise – It is important to walk or do any physical activity on an everyday basis. You may contact your doctor or physiotherapist to learn safe ways to do exercise.
  • Emotional stress – If you are an overly emotional person or take abnormally high stress, its significant to meditate every day. Excessive stress leads to constriction of blood vessels and may also increase the blood pressure.
  • Smoking – Smoking is a major obstacle to recovering from any illness. It should be the first step to be taken when it comes to making lifestyle changes.
  • Dietary changes – Prefer to eat foods which are low in saturated fat, trans fat, cholesterol, and sodium. Increase the number of fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. You may also include fish or fish oil capsules in your daily diet.
  • Weight management – It is important to work on losing weight if you are obese or overweight and also regularly measure your BMI.


Can a heart blockage be treated with medicine?

When you visit a cardiologist after noticing certain signs and symptoms, a detailed cardiac evaluation is conducted. Only after the investigations, the doctor can decide the exact line of treatment for you. The medicinal treatment, however, can be used for multiple purposes such as:

  • To reduce the workload on the heart and dilate the arteries, so that the chest pain is relieved.
  • To prevent angina and other symptoms that may occur due to coronary artery disease.
  • To prevent further narrowing of the coronary arteries.
  • To open up the clogged artery.

The most common categories of medicines that are used in such cases are mentioned below:

  • Aspirin – Sometimes, the doctor recommends taking a daily aspirin or some other blood thinner to reduce the chances of blood clotting and thus preventing the obstruction of the coronary artery. However, aspirin cannot be used by all. People who have bleeding disorders or already taking blood thinners should not take it or consult a cardiologist before taking aspirin.
  • Beta-blockers – These medications are given to reduce the heart rate and hence the blood pressure. This, in turn, reduces the oxygen demand by the heart.
  • Cholesterol-modifying medications – These drugs help in the reduction of low-density cholesterol.
  • Calcium channel blockers – These are most commonly used with beta-blockers if they are unable to work alone. These help in improving chest pain.
  • Nitroglycerine – This medication is available in the form of tablets, sprays, patches etc. It is used to control chest pain by temporarily dilating the coronary arteries.
  • ACE Inhibitors – These are used to reduce blood pressure and indirectly also help in preventing the progression of coronary artery disease.

Can ECG detect heart blockage?

An electrocardiogram is a diagnostic test to examine heart-related issues by measuring the electrical activity of the heart as it pumps. It may be recommended by the cardiologist if you smoke or you are overweight, have diabetes or high blood pressure. People having symptoms like chest pain, breathlessness, dizziness or irregular heartbeats may also be advised to get an ECG.

An ECG may help in detecting enlargement of heart, abnormal position of heart, poor blood supply, inflammation of heart, congenital heart defects etc. However, it cannot tell much about blockage in the coronary arteries.


 How do you get rid of heart blockage naturally?

Most of us usually prefer to avoid getting treated by surgeries or medicines as these have their own side-effects. Hence, the researchers all over the world continue to find ways to treat such conditions in a natural way. Here are some of the most beneficial and the most commonly used ways to treat heart blockage:


Garlic is grown worldwide, which was originated from Siberia but then spread to other parts of the world in a span of 5000 years. It is often used to treat high blood pressure, low blood pressure, and high cholesterol. It is reported that garlic helps in restricting the pathogenesis of cardiovascular diseases. It has the following effects on the body which ultimately help in preventing and treating the already existing heart blockage. These effects are:

  • Garlic has chloroform extracts which promote anti-thrombotic and antiplatelet aggregatory effect, which inhibits the platelets to accumulate and coagulate the blood.
  • It also helps in enhancing a process called fibrinolysis, which is carried out to dissolve the clots formed in the blood. This further helps in improving the blood circulation in the body.
  • Garlic also helps the management of heart rate and lowering the blood pressure.
  • It also helps lowering down the cholesterol levels in the body.

Co-Enzyme Q10 (CoQ10)

It is a good antioxidant that is naturally produced in our body. The levels are kept reducing with advancing age or those who have heart disease. It is most commonly found in meat, fish and whole grains. Other than this, these days campsure and tablets are also available. It is often used to treat heart conditions as well as migraines.

Flax seeds

The flax seeds are mainly composed of phytosterols, omega-3 and lignans, all of which help in boosting the heart health. Especially, phytosterols are the molecules which have a similar structure to cholesterol. These help in preventing the absorption of cholesterol in the intestine.Flax seeds also have huge amounts of fibre which is also in maintaining cardiac health.


Vulnerable ways to cure the problems of heart without any pain or surgery

When the large vessels that carry blood throughout the body stiffen and narrow down, it leads to Artery disease. In the case of carotid artery disease, the arteries that carry blood to the brain become clogged keeping the oxygen rich blood from flowing freely to the brain which can even cause a stroke. To diagnose these blocked arteries, doctors generally opt for Angioplasty surgery which is the most commonly known method. The angioplasty procedure involves opening of the arteries blocked by the plague and restoring normal blood flow to the brain, heart and other parts of the body. The procedure takes about an hour to be completed. However, angioplasty is not always necessary in all cases. Although safe, angioplasty may not be suited for everyone. Depending on the age, overall health and location of the blocked artery the procedures may differ.

Carotid Endarterectomise is one such alternative to angioplasty. This surgical procedure is used to restore blood flow in carotid arteries which are large arteries in the neck region that supply blood to the brain. In this procedure, the plaque is peeled away from the artery wall as a result of which the blood begins to flow normally again.

Coronary artery bypass graft is another alternative that can be used to restore blood flow to the brain by bypassing blocked arteries altogether. Segments of healthy blood vessels called grafts are taken from other parts of the body such as legs, arms or chest to create a new channel through which the blood can be directed past the blocked part of the artery. This allows more blood to get through the heart muscle. This process is usually more effective treatment option particularly for patients with diabetes based on evidence.

It is essential to discuss the risks and benefits of numerous surgeries possible with your surgeon and doctor before finalising on the best option suited for you.

What are possible treatments for coronary diseases and effectual Alternative to bypass surgery?

Enhanced External Counter Pulsation is stated as EECP. This is a Non-Surgical handling for sufferers with snarl-up in blood vessel booming blood towards heart sways(coronary arteries). The handling acts by refining the blood source to heart muscle outside the choked artery by endorsing new vessel creation athwart the choked arteries and similarly by improving collateral flow. In modest word EECP, is named as “Natural Bypass” as it’s found blood movement across the choked arteries logically by improving the alternative frequency of blood run. These alternative straits naturally happen in our heart and only requisite certain pressure to free it. (EECP) alternative to angioplasty conduct accurately does this merely.

The Treatment comprises of one hour daytime of 35 successive days.

During a distinctive EECP one hour handling sitting, patient fib on an exceptional action bed taxing a series of modifiable cuffs over your legs. The cuffs expand and decrease in flawless synchronization with sufferers individual heart throb with microsecond exactness.

Blood is strapped back with specific timing in consecutive throbbing density from the legs in the direction of the heart growing the blood run to heart muscles by founding newfangled vessels. Then obtain the blood near the leg by devaluing the cuffs when the heart drives out thus lessening the heart capacity. All these are finished when the patient is comfortable and supremely unacquainted of the important alteration in blood run happening to their heart.

In impartial 2 weeks’ period patients’ fortitude and workout ability importantly improved and their cardiac indications like chest discomfort, tininess of breath, incapability to do their monotonous activity advances. Patient everyday medicines like nitrate reserved for chest pain is abridged or could be even ended. The action advantage has exposed to former up to five years and additional.

The action is approved by US FDA and too it’s in the reference of American heart association plus European society of cardiology guidelines for handling heart ailment.

Why it is viable thing to go Alternative to bypass surgery in Mumbai?

Yield over heart operation? There are tenacious assertions that chelation therapy can efficiently delight heart disease by eliminating the calcium out of cholesterol plaques.

Chelation therapy with the mock amino acid EDTA (ethylene diamine tetra-acetic acid) is a confirmed technique to confiscate toxic hefty metals alike mercury, lead plus cadmium from the physique.

The FDA has permitted the usage of chelation for the handling of lead slaughtering and hefty metal toxicity, however not for the handling of circumstances like cardiovascular problems.

The disinclination of the FDA to agree the usage of chelation therapy for plosive arterial disease has up raised queries, besides the body has been defendant of shielding the benefits of commanding traditional medicinal administrations who service (lucrative) arterial bypass surgery.

How does chelation work?

The term “chelate” originates from the Greek term for claw and means “to clutch”, which is that ensues when EDTA muddles with minerals as well as metals such as calcium, aluminum, iron, copper, lead besides mercury, permitting them to be detached from the body through the urinary path.

Cholesterol cartels in the build with fat, calcium plus other materials to develop plaques in the arteries. The plaque figures up over period and toughens and tightens the arteries. This accumulation is named atherosclerosis and could clue to cardiovascular illness and stroke.

In modest terms, chelation therapy for heart illness titles to effort by tying to the calcium delimited in the plaques (greasy deposits) in the arteries, and when this occurs the plaques are brushed away and defecated from the body. Eliminating plaque rein states springiness to the arteries and could for instance upsurge blood run to the brain, ensuing in better-quality cognitive procedures.

The future of chelation therapy:

Chelation will turn into progressively more significant when its helpful effects are understood, exclusively in our contemporary environment with mercury, lead, manganese, and chromium as well as cobalt surplus.

Why is feasible decision to go for Alternative to Bypass surgery?

What is chelation therapy?

Chelation therapy is a handling used in conformist medication for eradicating hefty metals (counting mercury) as from the blood. It includes arterial injections of a chelating mediator, EDTA (ethylene diamine tetra-acetic acid), a mock amino acid. EDTA drags to hefty metals plus minerals in the blood thus that they can be defecated in the urine. Additional venous agent castoff by certain physicians for mercury detoxification is named DMPS (2,3-Dimercapto-1-propanesulfonic acid).

What is chelation therapy utilized for?

Chelation therapy is maximum frequently used to handle hefty metal harming. Though because EDTA can decrease the quantity of calcium in the bloodstream, plus since calcium is set up inside the plaque that could line unhealthy blood vessels, specific health physicians state that chelation could be used to delight atherosclerosis (toughening of the arteries) by reviving arteries blocked with plaque. They uphold that by means of chelation for this drive is a real and less luxurious substitute to coronary artery bypass surgery, angioplasty, and further conformist medical handlings.

Furthermore, several of these practitioners privilege that chelation therapy can positively delight such illnesses as outlying vascular sickness, Alzheimer’s disease, manifold sclerosis, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, autism and former solemn medicinal problems. Several of these doctors routine hair analysis or additional scientifically unverified tests to identify “injuring” with lead, mercury or former hefty metals, however only infrequently are the consequences to be trustworthy.

The subsequent theories have been progressive to upkeep claims that chelation therapy effectively delights heart disease and further disorders:

  • EDTA chelation therapy may straight eliminate calcium initiate in greasy plaques that chunk arteries, therefore flouting up the plaques.
  • Chelation therapy might rouse relief of a hormone which in turn grounds calcium to be detached from plaques or else reasons a dropping of cholesterol levels.

Chelation therapy might decrease the harmful possessions of oxygen ions (oxidative pressure) on the ramparts of the blood pots, which can reduce irritation in the arteries and recover blood vessel utility.

Why doctors do recommended Alternative to Angioplasty?

EECP was made for patients suffering from angina and congestive heart discomfort. It is a harmless, non-invasive, clinically verified outpatient conduct that might dismiss or remove angina by growing the heart’s flow and, therefore, bringing additional oxygen to the heart. Clinical readings have initiated that EECP generates a normal bypass around choked or narrowed rations of the arteries. Profits comprise condensed or whole abolition of chest pain, augmented exercise easiness, less usage of medicine and the capability to relish an additional movable and self-governing lifestyle.

Who is anaspirant for EECP?

Your doctor can appraise you to regulate if EECP can help you. You might be an entrant if you:

  • Must chronic steady angina
  • Do not have sufficient respite from angina by captivating nitrates
  • Do not be suitable for invasive actions
  • Have attempted invasive cures without permanent relief
  • Want to reconnoiter replacements to bypass surgery or else angioplasty

What happens during handling?

You will go to bed on an amplified treatment though the therapist smears a sequence of cuffs, alike to blood force cuffs, over your calves and minor and higher thighs. The psychotherapist also will put on anodes to your chest and a device to your finger. These top score your heartbeat plus blood force.

The cuffs are scheduled to expand when the heart is relaxing (diastole) and devalue when the heart impels (systole). This inspires additional blood as well as oxygen to mingle up over the heart. Patients habitually undergo a feeling of a sturdy “hug” poignant uphill from legs to thighs towards buttocks through rise, then a fast relief during reduction.

Maximum patients join one-hour handling sittings once a day, five days a week, meant for seven weeks.


Distinctive benefits of EECP include:

  • Symptomatic respite of angina unfeeling to medicinal therapy
  • Better blood run to destitute parts of the heart muscle
  • Removed or abridged requisite for nitrates
  • Better lenience for exercise

Effective and feasible treatment to cure coronary diseases

EECP treatment is an US FDA permitted non-invasive heart handling which upsurges the blood run to the heart and unlocks novel blood vessels, named collaterals. Performing as an alternative to angioplasty, EECP treatment is overseen by the Cardiologist. It is helpful for patients suffering from heart disease, high blood force, diabetes, kidney syndrome, great cholesterol, obesity, ischemic stroke plus many former medical circumstances.

Benefits of EECP Treatment:

Generates new blood vessels:

Alternate trails otherwise (collaterals), which expose new stations for blood run around the congested veins in the heart, are molded by EECP handling. Therefore, it makes normaldetours in the heart.

Leads to a robust Heart: It upsurges blood run to the heart, which augments the blood along with oxygen, fortifies the heart powers and decreases the rigidity of arteries.

Decreases angina: It decreases or removes chest discomfort (angina) and recovers cardio-vascular suitability.

Improves excellence of life: It increases stamina, attentiveness and liveliness levels, and decreases the heart effort load.

Improves blood circulation: It expands blood flow in the heart and to the physique, counting many organs of the body.

Recovers organ function: It upsurges the movement of oxygen and nutrients, growths the heart production and the working of all the body tissues.

Perfect Candidates for EECP Treatment:

  • Those who are suffering from heart blockage or else heart disease.
  • Patients who got chest discomfort or angina (although suffered from surgery) and need a likely discount in their medicines.
  • Patients who have been counseled or have experienced bypass surgery otherwise angioplasty.
  • Patients who need a substitute or are not appropriate for bypass surgery plus angioplasty.
  • People who have suffered from heart attack or have proficient indications of a heart attack.
  • Those distresses from regime diseases alike from high blood force, diabetes, high cholesterol or else obesity.
  • People who are not partaking a vigorous diet and desire to evade having heart glitches in the prospect.

Is Alternative to angioplasty an effective treatment?

Arterial Clearance Therapy:

Artery Clearance Therapy is too recognized as Chelation Therapy and is a medicinal conduct of Angina otherwise Chest Pain. This treatment chains Lifestyle Management plus nourishment& antioxidants and works by refining the flow to the heart.

Artery Clearance Therapy (ACT) Procedure:

This treatment gives a complete Artery Clearance Therapy. It is a modified mixture of medications that are diversified in an IV Molten. It is then managed in the procedure of an Intravenous drip for around 3 hours. It typically needs a sequence of 20 to 30 brews which is controlled twice or else thrice in a week. The distillations are managed for around 10-15 weeks.

Profits of Artery Clearance Therapy

It has been establish that ACT has been helpful in 80-90% of people who have experienced the handling. Paralleled to Angioplasty and Bypass Surgery, this treatment is precise harmless. Many have reported development in the excellence of life. Owing to its aids, a lot of heart patients favor ACT or else Chelation therapy. The advantages include:

  • Enhancement in stream of coronary blood by eradicating the plaques or obstruction and Calcium from the blood pitcher.
  • Exclusion of the hefty metal contaminants from the body.
  • Cleanses the whole body.
  • Diminished occurrence of Chest Pain/ Uneasiness.
  • Amplified exercise acceptance.
  • Makes the aptitude to breathe enhanced
  • Diminutions the obligation of medicines
  • Upsurges energy levels
  • Development in remembrance
  • Progresses mental aptitude
  • Reductions fatigue and sleepiness

People who can advantage from ACT:

ACT or else Chelation Therapy area head a lot of prominence and it is measured to be extremely helpful. In this treatment patients are being offered handling to the subsequent profits and benefit them overwhelmed their glitches successfully:

  • Angina or else Chest Pain in spite of medicine
  • Patients who wish to evade Angioplasty or Bypass Surgery
  • Patients who are flabby for Bypass Surgery or Angioplasty
  • Patients with difficultie periodic after Angioplasty or Bypass Operation

Patients with unsuccessful Bypass Surgery or  Angioplasty

Why consider Alternative to angioplasty in 2019?

Chelation Therapy is an alternative to intrusive operations such as angioplasty as well as bypass surgery. It has been revealed to commendably unclog blocked arteries. Chelation therapy is not new fang led; it has been castoff from many years.

Chelation therapy is a process for eliminating hefty metals, such as mercury or else lead, through blood. It’s one of the customary actions for numerous types of metal slaughtering.

In current years, certain people have appealed that chelation therapy can likewise help to deal with many further conditions, counting heart disease and more.

We elucidate how chelation therapy works formerly diving into several of its less conservative uses to perceive whether it’s essentially effective.

How Does It Work?

Chelation therapy utilizes extraordinary drugs that muddle to metals in your blood. You acquire the chelating medication over an intravenous (IV) tube in your armrest. It’s also obtainable in pill method. After the drug has involved to the metal, your body eliminates them both from your pee.

Metals which can be detached with chelation therapy comprise lead, mercury, plus arsenic. Earlier you get this handling; your doctor will fix a blood test to validate you have metal exterminating.

Recognized benefits of chelation therapy:

Chelation therapy is a precise operative way to eliminate numerous heavy metals from blood, counting:

  • Lead
  • nickel
  • mercury
  • arsenic
  • iron
  • copper

Benefits of chelation therapy:

A number of people advocate utilizing chelation therapy to delight atherosclerosis, which origins a stockpile of inscription in arteries.. Proponents title that chelators fix to calcium establish in plaque, which aids to untie and eliminate the backlog.

Though this appears logical, there’s very diminutive indication that chelation therapy benefits. For instance, large-scale clinical training linking members who’d beforehand had a heart attack didn’t display enough indication to upkeep the tedious use of chelation therapy for heart illness.