Enhanced External Counter Pulsation is stated as EECP. This is a Non-Surgical handling for sufferers with snarl-up in blood vessel booming blood towards heart sways(coronary arteries). The handling acts by refining the blood source to heart muscle outside the choked artery by endorsing new vessel creation athwart the choked arteries and similarly by improving collateral flow. In modest word EECP, is named as “Natural Bypass” as it’s found blood movement across the choked arteries logically by improving the alternative frequency of blood run. These alternative straits naturally happen in our heart and only requisite certain pressure to free it. (EECP) alternative to angioplasty conduct accurately does this merely.

The Treatment comprises of one hour daytime of 35 successive days.

During a distinctive EECP one hour handling sitting, patient fib on an exceptional action bed taxing a series of modifiable cuffs over your legs. The cuffs expand and decrease in flawless synchronization with sufferers individual heart throb with microsecond exactness.

Blood is strapped back with specific timing in consecutive throbbing density from the legs in the direction of the heart growing the blood run to heart muscles by founding newfangled vessels. Then obtain the blood near the leg by devaluing the cuffs when the heart drives out thus lessening the heart capacity. All these are finished when the patient is comfortable and supremely unacquainted of the important alteration in blood run happening to their heart.

In impartial 2 weeks’ period patients’ fortitude and workout ability importantly improved and their cardiac indications like chest discomfort, tininess of breath, incapability to do their monotonous activity advances. Patient everyday medicines like nitrate reserved for chest pain is abridged or could be even ended. The action advantage has exposed to former up to five years and additional.

The action is approved by US FDA and too it’s in the reference of American heart association plus European society of cardiology guidelines for handling heart ailment.